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Welcome to Pydio Download Center.

The links below are pointing to the last stable versions of our various components. For older versions see Application Builds page.

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Home Editions

Limited Features - Home Usage - Open Source Freedom
Stable version: 2.0.1

Older Versions
Enterprise Editions

Supported - Security - Compliance - Scalability
Stable version: 2.0.1

Older Versions
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Download our Desktop & Mobile Apps


iOS & Android

Get the iOS / Android native apps to access your files on-the-go from any device!


Windows, Mac & Linux

Get the desktop sync app here:


Desktop application providing offline synchronisation on Windows, Mac and Linux. Advanced integration displaying sync status in the explorer, and a right-click menu to easily generate a share link in Pydio. For Pydio 8 only !

iOS& Android Apps

Access your files on-the-go for all iOS & Android devices. Access and preview your files, shoot-to-upload, put some files in cache, and synchronize folders locally for when you go offline
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